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2 Upcoming Soundtrack Albums

Two soundtrack albums will be released on 1st June in varying forms (CD, MP3 and MC). They will feature 46 instrumental tracks; 28 tracks I wrote for the audio drama series “John Sinclair” (orchestral music), 19 tracks I wrote for the mystery series “Dorian Hunter” (electronic music). More info at:…

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A new collection of 17 horror & mystery tracks I have written for radio drama and film over the years. It’s not typical trailer music – but still has an epic feel to it. Some of the pieces here are theme-oriented (e.g. “Entrapment in the Clouds”, written as a bossfight…

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John Sinclair Soundtrack – BABYLON 5000 A.D.

Crawling through my music archive I recently stumbled upon music from the John Sinclair “Kreuztrilogie” (series 80-82). This time John Sinclair is send back to old babylon, a few thousand years in the past. The orchestral music used in this series may be compared to “Prince of Persia” (the videogame)…

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Andreas discusses scoring “Dorian Hunter”, the radio drama (in German).